About Me

What I spy with my little eye….wandering around with my camera. Like the children’s game, that is how I feel when I take my camera out. What will I see today? What will I spy? Every time is like a treasure hunt, I never know what I will find.

I hope you enjoy the random collection of places and things that I find interesting and beautiful, and now also included is my newest obsession with acrylics and fluid art.

I am an American, originally from New Jersey, now living in southern Sweden.

Let’s connect: linktr.ee/karensphotoart

Email me at: whatispyphotography.kmstahlros@gmail.com

My Images do not belong to the public domain. All images are copyright ©Karen Stahlros. All rights reserved. The copying, altering, displaying or redistributing of any of these images without written permission from, and compensation to the artist is strictly prohibited.